Great Barrier Reef Stay ….Wake Up on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef


Our Great Barrier Reef Stay is a wonderful way to see the reef. Not only is it great value with all meals included it really is the best way to explore this natural wonder.

You will be able to choose between snorkeling and scuba diving. Even if you have never scuba dived before!

Great Barrier Reef accommodation will take you to a number of the wonderful reefs for snorkeling and scuba diving tours.

You will save money with liveaboard accommodation, as you’ll eat and sleep right on board. So there’s no need to book a separate hotel or pay for extra meals.

Plus, scuba diving courses are offered onboard as well.


With liveaboard accommodation on the reef, you’ll travel to many diving locations with excellent water conditions for maximum visibility.

Whether you’re looking for scuba diving or snorkeling, liveaboard tours have everything you’re looking for.

You can even take night dives and travel to the islands of the Great Barrier Reef.

Even if you have no prior scuba diving or snorkeling experience, you’re still able to take a liveaboard to explore the reef. Courses for beginners are offered right onboard the vessel.

If you have prior experience and just need refresher courses, or if you’re looking to become a certified diver or further your skills, even more, all of the courses and training you need are right there on board.

You’ll make the most of your time in Cairns and save money in the process.

You won’t waste time heading to and from the shore to eat or sleep.

You’ll have all of the amenities of home right onboard the vessel.


About Our Great Barrier Reef Stay

The rooms are cozy and comfortable, with many different options depending on your budget.

Meals are delicious and prepared daily by a professional chef, even catering to dietary requirements and restrictions.

You’ll have everything you need for the best time exploring the Great Barrier Reef.

Depending on how long you book a liveaboard tour, you’ll travel to a number of popular scuba diving sites and take multiple dives.

You’ll always have the best diving and snorkeling experience possible, water conditions and dive sites are accessed daily to ensure you’ll have the safest and best viewing of the coral reef and marine life.


Don’t worry if you’re travelling to Cairns on a budget You can still have the vacation of a lifetime with liveaboard tours of the Great Barrier Reef.


Great Barrier Reef Stay Nothing beats waking up on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef