Book Scuba Dive Lessons on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

It seems only logical that when doing Dive Lessons, instead of doing so in a room or cramped resort pool, one would learn in the very waters they hoped to explore.

With Reef Encounter this dream is a reality. The Great Barrier Reef is the classroom. With an abundance of marine life acting as the amused onlookers.

All other dive courses require two days in a classroom before venturing into open waters. However, with Reef Encounter this is where you start!

With only 3 other students in each class, Reef Encounter’s expert instructors have all the time in the world to cater to the specific needs of each diver.

Scuba Dive Lessons
Final Instruction


The Personalised Open Water Course will result in learner divers obtaining their SSI Open Water Certification.

Eight pleasure dives are combined with six skills sessions over a 3 day/2 night period. This ensures that divers will be certified in three days instead of the five that are usually required.

Once onboard Reef Encounter, guests will enter a spectacular world of colour and marine life. With coral gardens that bloom under the sea. Aside from the coral, the Great Barrier Reef is probably best-known for its spectacular variety of fishes.

Over 1500 species, from coral trout and sweetlips to marlin can be found in Reef waters. The range of sizes, shapes, and colours combine with the overwhelming beauty of the coral itself to make the Great Barrier Reef one of the world’s natural wonders.

Scuba divers will also get a chance to interact with Green Sea Turtles or the friendly resident giant Maori Wrasse, “Frank” during their scuba diving adventures.


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