Imagine waking up on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

Reef Encounter specialises in liveaboard scuba dive tours to the very best outer barrier reef dive sites available from Cairns.  Our liveaboard trips provide the ultimate way to experience the Great Barrier Reef.

The best way to experience the Great Barrier Reef is to become one of the fish and enter the world of scuba diving.

Reef Encounter is a team of like-minded individuals who share a passion for the Cairns region and the Great Barrier Reef. We want to share our enthusiasm and knowledge. We aim for our guests to partake in a truly memorable scuba diving experience.

Once onboard Reef Encounter, guests will enter a spectacular world of colour and marine life. With coral gardens that bloom under the sea. Aside from the coral, the Great Barrier Reef is probably best-known for its spectacular variety of fishes.



Scuba Diving a natural wonder

Over 1500 species from coral trout and sweetlips to marlin can be found in Reef waters.

The range of sizes, shapes, and colours combine with the overwhelming beauty of the coral itself. Subsequently, making the Great Barrier Reef one of the world’s natural wonders.

Scuba divers will also get a chance to interact with Green Sea Turtles. You may even meet the friendly resident giant Maori Wrasse, “Frank”.

Reef Encounter is serviced daily from Cairns via our fast catamaran Reef Experience. Allowing our travelers’ flexibility to start their liveaboard scuba diving tour on the day that suits them best. You can stay for as long as they like!

Our vessel was designed for comfort and stability at sea. You can imagine a small cruise ship offering comforts that you expect from a resort.

The best way to really experience the Great Barrier Reef is to stay on the reef for a few days. You will enjoy more time to relax and ultimately more time for scuba diving.

Our Budget liveaboard, Reef Encounter, has some of the best reef locations on the Great Barrier Reef. You will snorkel and scuba dive spectacular reef locations offering an abundance of marine life, corals, caves, and swim-throughs.

Scuba Diving
Seafan Coral



Enjoy waking up on the Great Barrier Reef

Accommodation on board is superior to any liveaboard vessel in Cairns. Our budget trips are in multi-share rooms with private bathrooms a maximum of 3 people to a room. Reef Encounter is fully air-conditioned with our own desalination plant – we make our own water. Our large sundeck is the perfect place to read a book, suntan and relax. Our saloon has a television with a large movie selection.

We have board games a fully licensed bar (no alcohol may be consumed prior to water activities).

You must be over 18 years old to stay in our multishare cabins.

Reef Encounter has other types of accommodation – double and twin staterooms and Top Deck Club to find out more visit our Reef Encounter website.
Dive times –  there is plenty of time for water activities with five dive sessions a day plus the night dive

Custom-built dive platforms make entering and exiting the Great Barrier Reef a breeze with handrails and stairs that extend into the water.

All our modern scuba diving gear comes with dive computers for certified divers and we teach all our learn to scuba dive courses with bottom timers.

 interesting facts

Interesting facts did you know that the parrotfish makes a protective mucus sleeping bag to keep safe at night find out more on a night dive.