Where to stay?

When you travel to Cairns, there are many great places to stay in Cairns on a budget, especially for backpackers. Cairns accommodations vary tremendously and in price as well.

There are a variety of affordable places to stay in Cairns, from camp grounds and apartments to resorts and cozy lodges. No matter what you’re looking for, there’s an accommodation that will meet your needs and budget– whether you need accommodations for you, you and your spouse or your entire family.


Cairns lagoon is the perfect place to spend a day

Cairns really caters to backpackers, offering discounted meals and accommodations.

There are many camp grounds available for backpackers where you’ll be surrounded by the beauty of nature.

However, if you’d like something a little more comfortable and homey, there are many places to stay in Cairns for very little money.

Cairns Work and Play Backpacker and Nomads Cairns Serpent Backpackers are perfect places to stay if you’re looking for something low cost and comfortable.


Resorts are even an option for those who are staying in Cairns on a budget. Bohemia Resort Cairns, Gilligan’s Backpacker Hotel and Resort and Cairns Sunland Leisure Park are perfect Cairns accommodations for those looking to save money.

If you want to stay some-place a little bit nicer but still not spend a lot of money, the Queens Court, Rainbow Inn and Acacia Court Hotel are more affordable options.


The places to stay in Cairns are as diverse as the city. Instead of a camp-ground or a resort, there are also lofts and apartments you’re able to rent.

You can even stay in cozy bed and breakfasts or lodges, which are ideally located for nature scenery. Many of the resorts and hotels even provide ocean front views without the added cost.

Places to stay in Cairns that are cost effective can be found all over the city in many desirable locations, so you’ll still have a great experience when visiting Cairns on a budget.


No matter if you’re in Cairns for a couple of days, a couple of weeks, a month or just passing through, you’ll find the perfect and affordable Cairns accommodation for you.

If you really want to make the most of your stay in Cairns and save the most money in the process, backpacking is the ideal route to choose as the entire city caters to backpackers. You’ll find many great deals and savings when backpacking through Cairns.