The Atherton Tablelands

Discover a plateau in North Queensland, Australia.  This region comprises several picturesque towns.  With natural waterfalls, pristine rainforest and the rolling green foothills of the Great Dividing Range.   Visiting Atherton Tablelands is a must.

This region is located about an hour and a half southwest of Cairns. The Tablelands offer an unparalleled opportunity to enjoy nature.

By the way, the temperature can be up to 6 degrees cooler in the Atherton Tablelands compared to Cairns.

How to get to the Atherton Tablelands.

There are two routes from Cairns to access the Atherton Tablelands.  Starting with the Gillies Highway which is located south of Cairns city.   Travel along the Bruce Highway to Gordanvale making a left hand turn onto the Gillies Highway.

The second way is up the Kuranda Range which is North of Cairns city.  Take the Captain Cook Highway following the signs to Kuranda.

You may also access the Atherton Tablelands on the Rex Range Road which is North of Port Douglas.

Things to do in the Atherton Tablelands

Crater lakes and waterfalls left over by ancient volcanic activity. Along with the tranquil waters of Lake Tinaroo offer a variety of water activities.

Miles of rainforest! A paradise for hikers. The wetlands have long been considered one of Australia’s foremost bird watching areas.

Visitors agree that the Tablelands are a must-see on any holiday to the Northern Region.


The Atherton Tablelands
Mungalli Farm, Atherton Tablelands

Only minutes into the drive past the small town of Kuranda, tourists begin to experience the extraordinary beauty that surrounds them and at once start to unwind.

The mild climate and comfortable temperatures make the Tablelands a desirable year-round holiday destination.

Unique accommodations dot the magnificent scenery. Discover quaint Beds and Breakfasts. With their reasonable prices and delectable food, they are becoming ever popular. Perfect for international as well as domestic holiday seekers.

Discover the rich history of the Atherton Tablelands

In addition to its incredible beauty, the Tablelands have a diverse and exciting history.

More than a dozen Aboriginal tribes who thrived on rainforest animals, fish and lush vegetation called this home.

They were then forced to retreat to accommodate the region’s more recent settlers.

The Chinese pioneered agriculture in the area. Dug wells for irrigation and started what continues to be a flourishing dairy industry.


This region has rich, red soil providing the perfect environment for producing crops and raising cattle.

To cover everything the Tablelands has to offer would take pages to write and weeks to experience.

Whether looking for an adventure filled with excitement or a tropical escape to hide away in, one thing is sure. The Atherton Tablelands has something for everyone.  Start exploring it today.